Provider of accredited third-party verification of GHG emissions under the EU ETS regulation

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Standard ISO/IEC 14065 and EU regulation 600/2012
Ecoxy supplies verification services under the EU’s regime (EU-ETS). We are an independent accredited provider and performs verification of your monitoring and reporting of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Ecoxy has been accredited (ISO/IEC 14065 and EU Regulation 600/2012) since 2014 and has carried out verifications of greenhouse gas emissions for a number of plants. Our client base includes a variety of onshore and offshore industries.

Normally, it is required that the verifier visits the site each year. Several facilities have the opportunity to apply for waivers for visits to the Norwegian Environment Directorate. The application for exemption must be accompanied by a risk assessment carried out by a verifier. As a part of the verification services, Ecoxy also perform risk assessments.

If you want to learn more about the Ecoxy guidelines for accredited verification services under the EU regulations for emissions reporting (EU ETS), go to Guidelines for verification English 14065-2013

Standard ISO/IEC 17029
Ecoxy is accredited according to the new standard ISO/IEC 17029 “General principles and requirements for validation and verification bodies”. The new standard allows for the accreditation of validation and verification bodies in a larger area than the climate emission-specific standard NS-ES ISO 14065.

Ecoxy can thereby verify and validate statements and reports according to standardized methods, across different sectors. The new standard specifies the requirements for the verification bodies, and describes how verification and validation of organisations’ statements and reports must take place on a uniform basis. Accredited verification and validation by an independent third party provides assurance to your customers, partners and suppliers that the information you share is accurate and reliable.

For questions related to the verification and validation service please contact the verification department.

Complaint / appeal hearing
Operators wishing transparency in business and any complaints / appeals may contact Managing Director Kristine Sørensen.

Kristine Sørensen
Managing Director
Tel: +47 916 96 924

Helen Hoem
Tel: +47 410 88 471


Ecoxy is now accredited according to ISO/IEC 17029

The new standard enables validation and verification bodies to be accredited in a broader scope than the climate emission-specific standard NS-ES ISO 14065.

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Ecoxy and Equinor signs frame agreement for measuring emissions to air

Ecoxy AS has been awarded a framework agreement for delivery of measurements of emissions to air from Equinor's offshore installations and onshore plants in Norway.

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Verification of the emission year 2023

Ecoxy will soon be starting the verification of the EU ETS emission reports for 2023. During the year, the regulations have undergone several changes and updats, and we have gathered information about the most important ones in this article.

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Get to know the EU ETS-verifier

Benedicte Adelheide joined Ecoxy AS on January 1st, 2023, and has just completed a thorough training course to become a certified verifier under the EU ETS legislation.

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Ecoxy is launching digital ordering service

This method will greatly simplify the submission of requests for emission measurements and EU ETS verification services. By completing and submitting the form, you will shortly be contacted by Ecoxy and obtain a non-binding offer.

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