Third-party verification of GHG emissions under the EU ETS legislation

Ecoxy supplies verification services under the EU’s regime (EU-ETS). We are an independent accredited provider and performs verification of your monitoring and reporting of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Ecoxy has been accredited (ISO 14065 and EU Regulation 600/2012) since 2014 and has carried out verifications of greenhouse gas emissions for several plants (about 30 plants per year). The plants are several types of industries and offshore.

Ecoxy has very low administrative costs and can offer competitive offers compared to major players (relatively low hourly rates). We have also developed efficient tools and system which helps to keep costs down.

Normally, it is required that the verifier visits the site each year. Several facilities have the opportunity to apply for waivers for visits to the Norwegian Environment Directorate. The application for exemption must be accompanied by a risk assessment carried out by a verifier. Ecoxy perform risk assessments.

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