Exhaust emission measurements are particularly important considering the new NOx tax in Norway. Ecoxy AS conducts emission measurements on diesel and gas engines, gas turbines and boilers.

Our main market has been ships, but we perform emission measurements from all processes where the NOx emission is in focus. Our instrumentation is designed to measure NOx (= NO + NO2), HC, CO, CO2 and O2. However, normally we do not measure HC emissions in the exhaust gas, but we include this on request.

The measurements are made in accordance with IMO NOx Technical Code / ISO8178 for diesel and gas engines and ISO11042 for gas turbines. For processes on land we work according to the standards EN14789, EN14792, EN15058, EN12619 and EN15259 plus CEN/TS 15675. The gas analyzers used operate in accordance with the standard reference methods defines for each gas component as stated in the aforementioned standards:

CLA for NOx

NDIR for CO and CO2

PMA for O2


All analyzers are placed in one instrument (Horiba PG-250). All gas analysis is done on the sample gas after it has been cooled and dried.

The sample system consists of:

Sample probe

(316 SS)


(to remove particles)

Heated sample line

(to keep the water in the exhaust gas evaporated to avoid absorption of NO2 in the water in front of the cooler)

Electric cooler

(to remove the water quickly before the sample enters the NOx analyzer to avoid absorption of NO2 in the water)

Gas analyzer instrument

(Horiba PG250)

LabVIEW based data acquisition system

Necessary post processing of the measurement data to calculate the mass emissions are made in accordance with the aforementioned standards.

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Some of our customers in the exhaust gas measurement