Ecoxy is a leading provider of emission measurements, specializing in offshore and maritime sectors. Ecoxy conducts emission measurements on diesel and gas engines, gas turbines and boilers.

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Ecoxy provides accurate emission measurements to our customers, specializing in the maritime and offshore sector. Our expertise encompasses gas turbines, diesel- and gas engines, and boilers – both onshore an offshore. We deliver accurate measurements of NOx, CH4, CO, CO2, NH3, O2 and PM (particles).

The measurements are made in accordance with IMO NOx Technical Code / ISO/IEC 8178 for diesel and gas engines and ISO/IEC 11042 for gas turbines. For processes on land we work according to the standards EN14789, EN14792, EN15058, EN12619 and EN15259 plus CEN/TS 15675. The gas analyzers used operate in accordance with the standard reference methods defines for each gas component as stated in the aforementioned standards:

CLA for NOx

NDIR for CO and CO2

PMA for O2


All analyzers are placed in one instrument (Horiba PG-250). All gas analysis is done on the sample gas after it has been cooled and dried.

The sample system consists of:

Sample probe

(316 SS)


(to remove particles)

Heated sample line

(to keep the water in the exhaust gas evaporated to avoid absorption of NO2 in the water in front of the cooler)

Electric cooler

(to remove the water quickly before the sample enters the NOx analyzer to avoid absorption of NO2 in the water)

Gas analyzer instrument

(Horiba PG250)

LabVIEW based data acquisition system

Necessary post processing of the measurement data to calculate the mass emissions are made in accordance with the aforementioned standards.

Dag Remi Reitan
Manager Emission Analysis
Tel: +47 400 03 656


Ecoxy and Equinor signs frame agreement for measuring emissions to air

Ecoxy AS has been awarded a framework agreement for delivery of measurements of emissions to air from Equinor's offshore installations and onshore plants in Norway.

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FROM ACCURATE DATA TO DECISIONS – The power of knowing your environmental impact by quantifying methane and NOx emissions

This week, Ecoxy measured CH4 (methane) and NOx-emissions on Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, two of Havila Voyages' new cruise ships that sails along the Norwegian coast. "It is both reassuring and important for us to have Ecoxy on board so that we can prove that our emission levels are actually as low as we think they are." Havila Voyages states.

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Ecoxy is launching digital ordering service

This method will greatly simplify the submission of requests for emission measurements and EU ETS verification services. By completing and submitting the form, you will shortly be contacted by Ecoxy and obtain a non-binding offer.

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