Ecoxy is launching our digital ordering service!

This method will greatly simplify the submission of requests for emission measurements and EU ETS verification services. By completing and submitting the form, you will shortly be contacted by Ecoxy and obtain a non-binding offer.

We’ve been wanting for a digital ordering solution for a long time,” explains Kristine Sørensen, Managing Director of Ecoxy AS. “It is unquestionably a positive step forward for our clients, who can now go to our website and send their requests directly into our systems.” Ecoxy launched its digital ordering solution at at the end of February and has already noticed that consumers are making good use of the service. “This is an easy-to-understand and straightforward form for the client to fill in, which gives us all the information we need to be able to send an offer of our services to the customer. It clearly does not replace the excellent personal customer service Ecoxy are known for, but it will assist in clarifying what our clients require in a particularly quick and straightforward manner.” Sørensen continues.

Customers will be able to submit requests for emission measurements and verification services more effectively using Ecoxy's digital ordering system

Ecoxy is providing accredited exhaust gas measurements and verification services to both national and international customers over the past 20 years, and have noticed an increase in demand for these services. The requirements for lowering emissions are unambiguous, and the environmental aims are more prominent than ever. Ecoxy’s primary market is emission measurements in the maritime and offshore sectors, but are measuring emissions from all operations where NOx, HC, CO, CO2, NH3 and CH4 emissions are a concern. Furthermore, Ecoxy also provides verification services in accordance with EU ETS legislation, a sector that is expanding and will include verification of ships in the years to come.

Our strength has always been the professional competence we possess and our ability to adapt to our customers’ tight timeline. With our digital ordering solution, we hope to make everyday life even more efficient for our customers, and offer an extra level in our customer follow-up,” says Sørensen, “ And if any customers need some support while filling in the information, Ecoxy is always available to assist our clients to get started with the new solution”.

Any requests for other types of measurement assignments and underwater noise measurements should be sent to