Emission measurements on onshore plants

Ecoxy AS has been an active supplier of measurement services in Norway since the NOX tax was introduced 1.1.2007. Our customers have primarily been owners of ships and offshore drilling rigs that are controlled by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD) regarding emissions.

As all activity emitting NOX in Norwegian territory is covered by the NOX Tax a lot of onshore process and combustion plants have made use of the opportunity to achieve support from the Business Sector’s NOX Fund for NOX reducing measures. Emissions from these units are controlled by the Norwegian Environment Agency regulations. Ecoxy AS has made measurements for verification of reduced NOX emission from several plants of this type.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has a general requirement that all companies wanting to perform official emission measurements have to obtain a national or international accreditation according to ISO17025. Ecoxy has been accredited for emission measurements from marine diesel engines (ISO8178) and gas turbines (ISO11042) since 28.5,2008. For emission measurements from onshore plants our accreditation was extended to include relevant standards1) for these plants the 21.6.2010.

1) ISO12039, NS-EN12619, NS-EN14789, NS-EN14792, NS-EN15058 samt CEN/TS15675.

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Some of our customers within onshore facilities