Ecoxy delivers accurate measurements of emissions to air at onshore plants to assist customers in understanding their environmental impact

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Ecoxy performs accredited measurements of emission to air of NOx, CO and PM from onshore plants in accordance with the requirements of national regulations, and for documentation of measures financed by the Norwegian NOx-fund. In accordance with emission permits issued by regulatory authorities, we measure and report emissions so that our customers can ensure that their levels stay within permitted levels. Ecoxy performs the emission measurements in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental regulations (NOx, CO, PM), and as a basis for documentation of measures financed by the NOx-fund.

Ecoxy AS has been an leading supplier of measurement services in Norway since the NOX tax was introduced 1.1.2007. Our customers have primarily been owners of ships and offshore drilling rigs that are controlled by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD) regarding emissions.

As all activity emitting NOX in Norwegian territory is covered by the NOX Tax a lot of onshore process and combustion plants have made use of the opportunity to achieve support from the Business Sector’s NOX Fund for NOX reducing measures. Emissions from these units are controlled by the Norwegian Environment Agency regulations. Ecoxy AS has made measurements for verification of reduced NOX emission from several plants of this type.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has a general requirement that all companies wanting to perform official emission measurements have to obtain a national or international accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025. Ecoxy has been accredited for emission measurements from marine diesel engines (ISO/IEC 8178) and gas turbines (ISO/IEC 11042) since 28.5,2008. For emission measurements from onshore plants our accreditation was extended to include relevant standards1) for these plants the 21.6.2010.

1) ISO/IEC 12039, NS-EN12619, NS-EN14789, NS-EN14792, NS-EN15058 samt CEN/TS15675.

Dag Remi Reitan
Manager Emission Analysis
Tel: +47 400 03 656


Ecoxy is now accredited according to ISO/IEC 17029

The new standard enables validation and verification bodies to be accredited in a broader scope than the climate emission-specific standard NS-ES ISO 14065.

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Ecoxy and Equinor signs frame agreement for measuring emissions to air

Ecoxy AS has been awarded a framework agreement for delivery of measurements of emissions to air from Equinor's offshore installations and onshore plants in Norway.

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Verification of the emission year 2023

Ecoxy will soon be starting the verification of the EU ETS emission reports for 2023. During the year, the regulations have undergone several changes and updats, and we have gathered information about the most important ones in this article.

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FROM ACCURATE DATA TO DECISIONS – The power of knowing your environmental impact by quantifying methane and NOx emissions

This week, Ecoxy measured CH4 (methane) and NOx-emissions on Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, two of Havila Voyages' new cruise ships that sails along the Norwegian coast. "It is both reassuring and important for us to have Ecoxy on board so that we can prove that our emission levels are actually as low as we think they are." Havila Voyages states.

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Ecoxy is launching digital ordering service

This method will greatly simplify the submission of requests for emission measurements and EU ETS verification services. By completing and submitting the form, you will shortly be contacted by Ecoxy and obtain a non-binding offer.

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