Ecoxy AS is now accredited according to the new standard ISO/IEC 17029

The new standards allows for the accreditation of validation and verification bodies in a larger area than the climate emission-specific standard NS ES ISO 14065.

The new standard specifies the requirements for the verification bodies, and outlines how the verification and validation of organisations’ statements and reports must be performed on a uniform basis – across different sectors.

In the area of ​​greenhouse gas emissions, such method already exists. ISO/IEC 14065 specifies the requirements for the verification and validation of greenhouse gas emissions. The success of ISO/IEC 14065 underscores the necessity for dependable and uniform methods that extend beyond just greenhouse gas emissions.

“By obtaining accreditation in accordance with the new standard ISO/IEC 17029, Ecoxy is capable of verifying and validating statements and reports using standardized methods,” says Ecoxy CEO, Kristine Sørensen. “Accredited verification and validation by an independent third party offers assurance to your customers, business partners and suppliers that the information you provide is accurate and reliable.”


If you have any questions or other inquiries about the validation- and verification process, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail: Or contact our verification department directly by using the contact details below.

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