Through measurement and verification of emission Ecoxy can determine your environmental footprint according to international standards and contribute to a greener and more economical operation

Ecoxy has since 2003 participated in several exciting projects focusing on NOx reduction and energy efficiency – particularly in gas turbines and diesel engines. Since 2011 the company has evolved to become an independent third party body performing verification of air emissions (NOx, HC, CO, CO2, NH3, O2, CH4 and N2O), greenhouse gases under the EU regime and noise in the ocean.

Our history

Ecoxy was established in December 2002 under the name Axess Energi og Miljø AS (Axess Energy and Environment Ltd). In 2006 the company changed its name to Ecoxy AS. The company’s business has always been to reduce harmful air emissions from energy production. This includes both the reduction of CO2 through more efficient energy systems and reduction of harmful emissions such as Nox, CO, NH3 and particulates (PM).

In May 2008, Ecoxy achied accreditation by Norwegian Accreditation as the first Norwegian company to perform online exhaust gas analysis on diesel engines and gas turbines in accordance with ISO 17025, ISO 8178 and ISO 11042.

In 2013 was Ecoxy accredited according to ISO 14065 in connection with the EU’s regime for carbon credits.

In 2009 the company was awarded Techno’s award for innovative environmental technologies.

Since 2007 Ecoxy performed more than 800 measuring mission.

During the years 2014-2016 Ecoxy together with the biggest Norwegian Trawler company Havfisk ASA and partly funded by Innovation Norway, developed accurate and low cost analysis of underwater noise from fishing vessels.

Intervest AS acquired 100 percent of the shares of Ecoxy AS in 13th of September 2023.