Ecoxy business is through expertise assisting clients to make their energy systems cleaner and more efficient.

Accredited NOx measurements

Emission measurements is particularly relevant due to the introduction of tax on NOx emissions in Norway. Ecoxy performs exhaust gas measurement on diesel and gas engines, gas turbines, furnaces and boilers. Shipping companies, drilling companies, oil companies, district heating plants, cogeneration plants and boiler systems in different types of industrial processes are typical customers.

Ecoxy performs measurements for customers who are subject to requirements for measurements according to pollution regulations, the Norwegian NOx tax regime and as a basis for funding support from the Business Sectors NOx Fund on emission reductions measures.

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Verification of greenhouse gas emissions

Ecoxy perform verification services under the EU ETS regulation. Independent accredited verification of greenhouse gas emissions is required for all operators under the EU ETS. Ecoxy is accredited according to EU ETS regulation and ISO 14065.

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Measurement of Underwater noise

Ecoxy has in cooperation with Havfisk ASA, developed a service related to measurements and analysis of underwater noise. It is well known that noise affect the fish behaviour. Fish vessels that emit high underwater noise have less catch than vessels with relative low noise. Ecoxy provides several services relating to measurements and analysis of underwater noise. / +47 915 88 528

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Measurement of emissions to air from onshore facilities

Since the NOx tax was introduced 1st January 2007 in Norway, Ecoxy AS has been an active supplier of metering services in “the Norwegian NOx regime”.

Ecoxy also performs compliance testing according to requirements in the plant owner’s emissions permits.

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Exhaust emission measurements

Measurement of Underwater noise

Verification of greenhouse gas emissions


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