Ecoxy has noticed a definite growing demand from their clients who wants to be at the forefront and have control over their own CH4 emissions.

FROM ACCURATE DATA TO DECISIONS– The power of knowing your environmental impactby quantifying methane- and NOx emissions

This week, Ecoxy measured emissions on Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, two of Havila Voyages' new cruise ships that sails along the Norwegian coast - from Kirkenes in the north to Bergen in the south. Havila Voyages contacted Ecoxy to conduct accredited emission measurements of both NOx and CH4 (methane), as explained by Havila Polaris Chief Engineer Bengt-Amund Norbye: "With the high ambitions Havila Voyages has for reaching climate neutrality by 2028, it is both reassuring and important for us to have Ecoxy on board so that we can prove that our emission levels are actually as low as we think they are."

Since 2008, Ecoxy has been an accredited and independent third party that verifies our customer’s greenhouse gas emissions to air under the EU and NOx-fund regimes. In Norway, the NOx-fund is dedicated to reducing NOx emissions to meet Norway’s obligations in the Gothenburg Protocol. Since its introduction in 2008, the NOx-fund has handed out about 1 bn NOK in support for Norwegian companies to invest in and implement green energy – while also reducing their emissions to air.

CH4 Methane – the greenhouse gas more hazardous than CO2
The Norwegian Environment Agency considers CH4 (methane) to be the second most significant greenhouse gas after CO2. Because methane can hold 84 times more heat than CO2, it amplifies to the greenhouse effect. When the UN Climate Change Panel reports that methane is now responsible for about 20% of man-made global warming, it emphasizes the significance of being able to manage and reduce these emissions as well. “At Ecoxy, our goal is to provide accurate emission measurement data to our customers, while also contributing to their journey toward a more sustainable and cost-effective operation. With our accredited and accurate measurement results, our customers can develop effective strategies for emission reduction,” says Sørensen.

Photo: Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris

Havila Voyages – High ambitions for climate neutrality
“The four sister ships from Havila Voyages; Havila Castor, Havila Capella, Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris are the most environmentally friendly ships that have ever sailed the coastal route north to south in Norway,” explains Chief Engineer Norbye as he shows us around the engine room in Havila Polaris. “Our ships have 6.1 MWh battery packs installed per ship, which means we can sail completely emission-free and silently for up to 4 hours. At the time of delivery of our first two vessels, this was the largest battery packs ever installed on a passenger ship.” In 2022, Havila Voyages made history by being the first cruise line to sail into Geirangerfjorden emission-free and silently – four years before the authorities’ deadline for the zero emissions requirement for sailing in the UNESCO world heritage fjords.

Nothing appears to be left to chance aboard Havila Polaris; operations are constantly optimized and fine-tuned around the clock, and emissions are far lower than on equivalent ships using conventional fuel. Ecoxy has performed accredited exhaust gas measurements on diesel and gas engines, gas turbines, and boilers since the introduction of the NOx emission tax in Norway. Kristine Sørensen, Managing Director of Ecoxy AS, says, “Emission measurements and the reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions has been on the agenda for a long time, and Ecoxy has been the market leader in Norway delivering accurate emissions data for over 20 years.” Even though it is not currently required by law to conduct CH4 (methane) emissions measurements, we have noticed a definite growing demand from our clients who wants to be at the forefront and have control over their own CH4 emissions.”

It is late afternoon and Ecoxy has completed today’s emission measurement mission. Accurate emission measurements of both NOx, CO2 and CH4 have been completed and we are packing up our testing equipment at Havila Polaris. Within 2 weeks, Havila Voyages will receive a full report from Ecoxy with accurate NOx and CH4 emission data, which will provide an important foundation for how to proceed in optimizing operations and reducing emissions.

“Sailing with this ship really means something to us who work here,” explains Chief Engineer Norbye at Havila Polaris. “Being a part of a shipping company with an ambitious environmental profile which constantly challenges us to improve, both engages and motivates the team. We know that in order to achieve our target of becoming climate neutral by 2028, we simply need to pull up our sleeves, cut back and improve operations wherever possible.”

Ecoxy engineers measuring accredited CH4 and NOx emissions from Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux.